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Enroll in a Course

Enroll in a Course

All students must pay a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee. No cash is accepted and no refunds will be issued.

You must present a valid Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC) on the first day of class for the Basic Rider Skills, the Basic Rider Skills for Returning Riders, and the Basic Rider Skills - 2.

Students may transfer to another class or assign their class to someone else (family member, friend, etc.). Both individuals must e-mail Motorcycle Ohio to transfer.

Standby Policy

The Standby Policy does not guarantee any student getting into the class. Motorcycle Ohio encourages standby students to audit the class (at no charge) with the possibility of a no-show on the first morning of the range exercises. Full course payment must be paid prior to the riding portion of the course.

Virtual Classrooms

The training sites listed below are conducting virtual classrooms and will not be offering stand by spots. Please reach out to the training site for additional information.

  • Bridgeway Academy
  • Defiance YMCA
  • Delaware Area Career Center
  • Hudson City School
  • Lakeland Community College
  • Motorcycle Education of Central Ohio