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Classroom Information

Classroom Information

Classroom Materials

To prepare yourself for a successful class, students should complete the items below prior to attending:

Virtual Classroom Information (for those who are registered in a Virtual Classroom)

The virtual classroom is a combination of:

  • a pre-course assignment (reading, videos, and activities listed above),
  • Rider’s Guide Review (also above), and
  • an instructor-led, 2-hour online classroom component in a virtual setting.

Time to complete all classroom materials and activities (including the virtual classroom) is estimated to be 3-5 hours.

You will need access to the internet and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A computer or tablet (no smartphones) is highly recommended to participate in the virtual classroom part of the course.

Once the classroom portion is complete, you will meet at a designated location with your approved riding gear to participate in the on-cycle training (see class registration for dates and times).

Once you register for your class the training site will email you an invitation for the virtual classroom. If you do not receive the link within one week of the class, please contact the site.